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Toilet Paper Sprays & Toilet Paper Foams

Reduce or Replace Toilet Paper and Wet Wipes

EcoBalance Cleanser sustainable systems make it easy to replace pre-moistened wet wipes. Easy, cost-effective and NOT GROSS. Best for you, your wallet & our planet.


Need a toilet paper boost? Skip wet wipes, try our Ecobalance Cleansers right on the tp. Here's how!

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 Keep EcoBalance Cleanser in the refillable 8 oz mist or 8 oz foam pump next to your toilet paper or your choice of wipes (dry or reusable). Place 2 pumps of foam or mist EcoBalance Cleanser on the toilet paper or wipe and clean everything down front to back. This delivers prebiotic, moisturizing care while cleaning and freshening. Repeat as needed.

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