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About Earthly

From our Founder


Hi, I’m Rochelle. I’m a wife, mama, and the founder of Earthly.

When I had my son, 6 years ago, it was incredibly hard to find anything disposable that met our standards and values. We ended up using cloth diapers and wipes, which I loved during that phase of life!

During that time, I was also studying and blogging about natural living over at The Non Tox Shop. Through that work, I gathered questions and insight from my readers and soon realized that finding a truly pure and earth-friendly disposable wipe was quite a task.

Adding a second baby, and a whole lot of business travel, made using cloth more difficult to keep up with; and I began digging further into my disposable wipes options, only to mirror the experience my readers were having. Although new wipes were popping up on the market, there was nothing that quite met the level of purity–for baby and the earth–that we were all searching for.

So, with all mamas and papas in mind, I set out to make my own!

Over 2.5 years of research and development later, I’m so happy to share my “Not Yet Wet Wipes” with you. They are the purest, most sustainable wipes I could dream up!

My promise to you, and to Earthly, is to always be open and searching for materials, ingredients, and manufacturing that offer the best of all worlds: purity, efficacy, sustainability, ethical practices, and love–always love!

I feel so lucky to be able to share and grow Earthly with you!




Our Wipes



Our Materials:

First things first, we scrapped commonly used plastic wipe materials and opted for a custom 100% cotton blend. With both you and Mother Earth in mind, we chose a blend of OEKO-TEX certified unbleached cotton from a farm in Mississippi, and repurposed cotton made from clean, virgin (pre-consumer) clothing scrap, helping to keep textile waste out of landfills. 

Why Dry?

Our founder, Rochelle, spent a year working on and formulating different wipes solutions, hoping to create one that was truly in line with Earthly values.  

At the end of the day (or year, rather) the idea of using synthetic preservatives, PH balancers, skin conditioners, and solvents made her dizzy and quite honestly sick to her stomach. Unfortunately, the "natural" preservatives she tested had their own sets of issues like molding, smell, or simply not working. She knew there had to be a better way. 

Creating Not Yet Wet Wipes™ opened up opportunities to take purity and sustainability to a whole new level.

Our super soft 100% cotton wipes are made to support every level of sensitive skin, have multiple uses, and because they come to you in Not Yet Wet form, you choose exactly what's on them.

Not Yet Wet Wipes are naturally compostable, gentle-cycle washable, and don't need plastic waterproof packaging (yipee!). Because of that, we are honored to be able to offer you the first plastic-free, and very low waste, disposable wipes system. And of course, your refill rolls are delivered to you in plastic-free packaging. 

Using your Wipes:

Your wipes can be moistened with whatever you'd like, though we suggest our Wipe + Wash concentrate mixed with distilled water *wink wink*.

That being said you can use them with water alone, cleansing oils, face wash, toner, or whatever else you want to wipe with!

When it comes to using your wipe, you simply pull one out, give it a quick spritz, and wipe away. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

We've also found that our soft cotton wipes work really well at cleaning and absorbing messes, just as they are. Use them dry for boogers, wet messes, or art clean-up, for example!

We might be biased, but we think you'll fall in love with the purity, versatility and effectiveness of our super sustainable wipes!